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Our company is working in the “Recruiting and advisory’’ domain. It was funded for helping people getting a well-paid job in foreign countries so we can help them increasing their financial status or even their language skills. We offer possibilities and advices related to these jobs and so we make easier to find the best job that suits you.

Our services: foreigner employment, career advices, job searching, administration related to your application, career changing in some cases. We are developing our services hoping that we can help you with our professional knowledge, our relations and our 5 years’ experience in the labor market only with Your interest in mind.

Our accumulated success over the years is due to the personal interviews, extensive information about the jobs and our colleagues with foreign experience.

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Our company’s offers contain more than 1000 jobs abroad. These jobs are compiled out of approx. 120 kinds of activities in 20 countries. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you are searching or when do you search, we can offer the most suitable one for you.


We provide you advices for a clearer view about the foreign country’s habits and laws, your possibilities for employment in the chosen job. It is important for us to help you so you will be certainly hired to the right position as fast as possible.


You can apply in different ways: you can search us personally, contact us through phone, via email, on the internet.Search for a job offer that might suit you and let us know which job are you looking for. You should contact us and give us your CV even if there is no offer that is interesting for you because maybe some time later we will get an offer that suits your profession.

S.C. Lexiljob Recruiting S.R.L

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